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About Us

All Things Deluxe is a black woman owned business built alone by a young passionate female who goes by the name Daniella.

The goal of our company, All Things Deluxe, is to provide the best and high quality products as a cosmetic wholesaler, making it easier for people to start their own business ventures.

However this wasn't always the plan.. Initially, I was just a makeup brand selling products as normal.  My interest in being a wholesaler came about when I received a lot of emails asking how I made my glosses a certain way. I also received emails asking where I purchased my supplies. I truly believe that Europe has a big gap in the market when it comes to starting cosmetic lines. I struggled myself,  It's very difficult to get wholesalers based in Europe or Asia. There is a huge demand which is why i sought to become one of the top wholesalers in the UK & Europe because there is clearly a gap in the market. Since then, wholesale has been our top priority. Our expansion is just beginning and I would like to thank you all for helping make my dreams become a reality.